USPS offers a solution ideal for mobile merchants, retailers and service providers who require freedom and flexibility with the confidence of a secure, fast and convenient transaction payment experience.

Ideal for payments where cable connections are not accessible, our wireless system employs a secure reader that offers faster mobile transactions by safely storing up to 70 transactions with a single reader. Cardholder data captured by wireless devices is secured using encryption, decryption and authentication services from USPS. With security features that exceed the requirements for card data protection and transaction security, the wireless system offers the cost effective, convenience demanded by today’s on-the-go merchants.

Wireless Processing Offers:

• Adheres to PCI DSS compliance requirements

• Data is never in the clear. Each transaction is encrypted from the moment the card is swiped

• Our card readers offer superior protection for wireless, brick and mortar POS, and online transactions

• Secure card readers can authenticate payment cards to ensure it is not counterfeit or altered.