Every customer and merchant is concerned about credit card theft!   There are many reasons for retailers to become PCI compliant:
As a merchant who accepts credit cards you have a mandated responsibility to protect the information acquired when accepting a credit card. MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover have joined forces to combat the increasing threat to both you and your customers. Together we can fight identity-theft. Unless you do your required part, your business can be held liable for all losses that customers, banks and other businesses suffer. Fines and/or jail sentences can be imposed.  
•  Maintain trust of your customer base.
•  Avoid Legal entanglements.
•  Avoid the high cost to rectify the situation.
•  Prevent embarrassing and costly notification to your customers.
•  Diversion of staff and management resources to manage breach remediation.
•  Association fines.
•  Non-compliance fees.
•  Violation of federal and state law.
•  Loss of ability to ever accept credit cards again!
•  Fines can easily exceed $100,000 and are enforced.
Warning: If your business is breached and is not compliant with the mandated payment card industry data security standard, we will not be able to help you!

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