USPS is certified to process a comprehensive suite of electronic payment transactions through many processing platforms, including: First Data, Global Payments, MagTek, AT&T and FedEx.

USPC (through CoCARD) is a Visa USA Third Party Service Provider and is compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard.

USPS Gateway processes transactions using each merchant’s own credit card, ACH/check and/or shipping account. Remote-hosted ASP services and card authentication devices enable businesses, financial institutions and government agencies to integrate PCI DSS and FFIEC compliant multifactor authentication and data encryption capabilities into their existing websites without the need for substantial investment or changes to their existing infrastructure.

Our service is specifically tailored to enhance the security of applications such as Online Banking, Online Brokerage, e‑Commerce and ATM utilizing the magstripe card credentials that an institution has already issued to their customers. Our system (Magensa) is powered by the authentication technology known as MagnePrint®.